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About The Founders

Napp2reality is a faith based company founded in 2014 by millennial designers, Adrian and Nancy Mullens. The company is run by a dynamic husband and wife duo with a desire to positively represent Black culture. 


Nancy Mullens is the CEO, artist, and fashion designer. There is a direct connection between her role as CEO and artist. Both positions require vision for a concept and in order to see it manifest, Nancy must flow and function in her creativity. 


Adrian Mullens is the COO, artisan, and jewelry designer. Adrian is driven by innovation. He went to school for engineering and has been inspired by African American inventors since he was a child. Adrian’s unique ability to see things from a different perspective allows him to blend invention with design to produce high quality products.


At Napp2reality, the art is the forefront of the company. In fact, Adrian and Nancy have coined the term “Art-thentic” to emphasize the value placed on the original art creations that fashionistas can wear. Although special requests are not accommodated, you will not find these designs anywhere else. When you purchase Napp2reality products, rest assured that you are investing in one of a kind products that hold their appearance and monetary value for years to come.  


Napp2reality products will naturally appeal to the masses; however, you’re not just buying art; you’re buying a message. The Mullens hope their products communicate that Black is beautiful, appreciated, elegant, and valuable. 

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