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Brush Strokes

The Modern Renaissance

Many women wear multiple hats and manage them all. They acquire many skills to be impactful in the lives they choose pursue. From this acquisition, the modern renaissance woman is birthed. The drive, aspirations, and courage found in these women is to be celebrated and emulated. This new woman emerging is not independent or traditional, but a hybrid that has forged them to be damsels and powerhouse in the same step. Delicate and taking command, they are the mothers, wives, and bosses entering in the world and wearing the multiple hats gracefully. Be celebrated, be modern, Be Renaissance.

She is like the Mona Lisa


As she walks making history and her story

Pinned from the many roles she has woven

Into the beautiful dress that fits her figure

The figure of the Mogul

Mastering many professions as she professes

Her truth

On her lips is wisdom


In authority and under authority




She is


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